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Overcoming Crises - Using Spiritual Tools During the Coronavirus Pandemic

coronavirus causes markets to panic

You might have noticed, there is a crisis happening all around us. Even if the Coronavirus hasn't infected you, surely the fear of the virus spreading has impacted your life in some way. Our financial markets, communities, local stores, jobs and social lives have changed dramatically in the last week.

At the risk of turning some folks off, I'm going to speak a truth:

This crisis is an opportunity for all of us to grow spiritually.

To learn to transcend our fears, as individuals, and as a society.

And to help others do the same.

Be prudent, of course. Take care of yourself, your loved ones, and those under your leadership. Do what you need to do.

...and use your spiritual practices (meditation, journaling, prayer, yoga, running, etc.) to overcome this crisis:

  1. Recognize what triggers your fear,

  2. Examine antiquated beliefs you still hold that allow this fear to take root, and

  3. Rather than react unconsciously, consciously choose how you want to respond.

The corresponding steps of Awareness, Acceptance, and Creation are our path through this (and any other) crisis.

conscious leadership triangle

An offering...

Fear is an opportunity to offer more love to ourselves, and those around us. As leaders, that is our responsibility.

Wishing you and your family love, health, and support during the coming weeks.


PS: If you or someone you know is feeling the need for a little extra outside support, please reach out and schedule a complimentary coaching session.

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