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What is Coaching? And How is it Different from Therapy?

A friend of mine once said, "Therapy helps one go from dysfunctional to functional. Coaching helps one go from functional to optimal."

What is Coaching?

Coaching is me working with someone to help them accomplish their goals. Through a series of deep questions, I act as a mirror to help clients uncover what might be holding them back in their personal and professional lives, as well as see their own greatness.

Coaching can help improve many areas of life including:

- Increased confidence and self-worth

- Happier, healthier, and more intimate relationships - Greater financial, professional, and business success - Finding your purpose and a fulfilling career - Increased spiritual connection to the universe - Improved physical and mental health - Understanding how to work with your emotions in a constructive manner

- And more ice cream, if that's you're thing.

Isn't That Like Therapy?

There are definitely similarities between coaching and certain forms of therapy. Both require trust, confidentiality, non-judgment, and questions that require introspection.

However, there is a great philosophical and practical difference between coaching and therapy...

Therapy: generally focuses more on the past, looks for a problem to fix or diagnose, and can be useful when dealing with major trauma.

Coaching: generally operates more in the present and future, believes the client is already whole and complete, and is there to support and empower the client.

What Type of Coaching Do You Do?

Because of my unique entrepreneurial/business background, I am best able to help clients who have reached a place of professional success, but still find something missing.

While every situation and client is different, ultimately, I use a combination of metaphysical and spiritual tools (backed by quantum physics and neuroscience) to help professionals create a life full of success and happiness.

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